lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2008

Oferta de dos tesis doctorales en Australia

Hola a todos,

Me ha llegado este anuncio pidiendo que de la máxima difusión, un saludo. José M.

Dear friends and colleagues!
Could you please pass this on to appropriate lists. The two PhD projects
Predicting shifts in river ecosystem types under climate change
Determining species-area relationships for river fauna

are available to be supervised by Dr. Simon Linke, Dr. Eren Turak and Prof. Hugh Possingham. Positions will be based out of UQ, but could also be physically located in Sydney (co-supervised by Dr. Turak from NSW Department of the Environment and Climate Change)

Applicants will need to apply for an APA or equivalent international scholarship and will receive a top-up scholarship.

Dr. Simon Linke
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Large Scale Conservation Planning)
The Ecology Centre, School of Integrative Biology,University of Queensland, St. Lucia, QLD 4072, Australia.Phone: +61-(0)7-33651686; Fax: +61-(0)7-33651655

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Héctor G dijo...

Hola Jose:

Al final lo mandó Juan Soria el martes por e-mail, pero se agradece la información. Nosotros lo hemos colgado por aquí.

Un abrazo.