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DOMIPEX TEAM 2) Marisa and Ruben

Hi all!!!,

We are Marisa and Ruben and we constitute the team 2.

We are working in the freshwater ecology lab at the University of Murcia. Our research is basically focused on different aspects of river functionality, such as nutrient retention and organic matter decomposition, in streams draining semiarid landscapes. Most of these streams are naturally saline and they are subjected to strong drought periods. For that, a great part of our studies especially aim to know how water salinity and flow intermittency interact the way of either nutrients or carbon are processed.

Ruben has just starting his thesis. His thesis focuses on stream organic matter decomposition and metabolism in saline streams. He has also worked with stream nutrient limitation aspects using nutrient diffusing substrata in aquatic biofilms.

Marisa is currently preparing the defence of her PhD, which is based on the analysis of nitrogen retention and the environmental factors involved. She has studied biogeochemical processes such as denitrification and nitrification in lab assays and also nutrient retention through solute additions in field experiments.

It is great to be part of such a interesting project. Thanks to Ada and Nuria for this excellent proposal.

If someone is interested in knowing more, you can reach us by e-mail



We are looking forward to meet you in the next AIL meeting.

All the best for your research

Ruben and Marisa

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