jueves, 14 de noviembre de 2013

DOMIPEX TEAM 10) Marta Reyes

Hi everyone!

Looks like no one dares to continue with the presentations! So I am the next one; I’m Marta Reyes (“group” 10) and I work as a Scientific Assistant at the Swiss Federal institute of Aquatic Science (EAWAG) – Thanks Ada and Nuria for allowing “international” collaboration  I am very glad to take part in this project!. I’m an aquatic ecologist interested in the general patterns in aquatic food-web dynamics and ecosystem responses as well as in their responses to global environmental change and human impacts.

I am currently working on the Ecoimpact project, where we aim to study the effects of micropollutants discharging from waste water treatment plants in the structure and function of natural aquatic ecosystems.
Feel free to check our website if you want to know more!

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