viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

DOMIPEX TEAM 1- UPDATED) Celia, Rubén and Andrea

We are the team 1: Celia Ruiz, Rubén Rasines and Andrea G. Bravo. We will also collaborate with Pablo Almeda and Ana Herrero. Together, we are an interdisciplinary group working from hyporheic areas in rivers  to oligotrophic and humic lakes. We study oxic and anoxic interfaces and within the context of DOMIPEX, we aim to understand the role of the organic carbon on the N cycle in lotic systems. We are happy to participate in the DOMIPEX project learning and sharing our research with many other people. We want to congrats Nuria and Ada for organizing. We expect to do the first experiment somewhere between the 1st and 15th September. We will give more details in August.

Best regards

Celia, Rubén y Andrea