jueves, 14 de abril de 2016

Workshops at Limnoogia 2016

Dear young researchers,

On behalf of the J-AIL members of the 2016’ AIL local committee (Tortosa) we invite you to participate in the following two workshops which will be held in sunday 3 July. Each workshop, presenter and schedule are listed below. Description of each workshop is attached in this email:

1. Introduction to meta-analysis in ecology - Dr. Veronica Ferreira (University of Coimbra - Portugal)
Date: Sunday, 3 July 2016. Time: 10-16.30h.
Location: Congress venue at Campus URV (room the be confirmed)
Symbolic fee: 15 euros (lunch included in the fee)

2. After PhD: What next? - Various top-class young researchers
Date: Sunday, 3 July 2016. Time 16.30-18.30h
Location: Congress venue at Campus URV (room to be confirmed)
Symbolic fee: 10 euros

If you are interested in participating one or two workshops, or asking us for further information, please email to
>,> and>

We need to everyone interested in to register as soon as posible so that we can estimate the attendance. Also, please let us know if you have some special food requirements for the sunday’ lunch.

We look forward to seeing all in Tortosa this summer!

XVIII Conference of the Iberian Association of Limnology workshops
3 Sunday July (Tortosa)

Best regards,

Ana Genua
Nuria Vila
Xavier Benito

J-AIL Tortosa committee