sábado, 21 de diciembre de 2013

DOMIPEX TEAM 11) Lluís and Biel

Hello everybody! 

We are Biel and Lluís (Team 11) from the University of Barcelona (UB).
We are currently working on carbon biogeochemistry and ecosystem functioning in streams, lakes and small reservoirs. More specifically, we are investigating the changes in aquatic metabolism and greenhouse gas emissions along a Mediterranean river network characterised by intense damming (Fluvià river, NE of Catalunya).

As Txell, Joan Pere and Rafa (from team number 7), we are all members of the project CARBONET, which aims to understand how fluvial systems shape the fate of carbon from headwaters to the ocean.

We would like to thank our PI’s Ada and Núria for leading this exciting project!!


Lluís and Biel

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