lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2013

DOMIPEX team 12) Sílvia and Anna

Hi everyone!
We are Sílvia and Anna (Team 12) and we are both members of the Fluvial Biogeochemistry research group (University of Barcelona), where we are pursuing our PhD in the effects of riparian forests on hydrological resources and nitrogen dynamics.
In particular, Sílvia’s thesis focuses on the effect of riparian trees on groundwater hydrological resources and riparian soil nitrogen availability, whereas Anna’s thesis involves the effect of riparian zone on catchment hydrology, stream nitrogen dynamics and catchment nitrogen exports.
Finally (but not less important) we thank Núria and Ada for giving us the opportunity of participate to DOMIPEX project; it is so exiting!
Merry Christmas and a Happy DOMIPEX Year!!

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