miércoles, 18 de diciembre de 2013

DOMIPEX TEAM 6) Edurne, Tamara and Alexia

Hi all again!

We are Edurne, Tamara and Alexia (from left to right) and we constitute group 6. We are all PhD students working at the Hydraulic Institute of Cantabria (IH Cantabria) in Santander as part of the freshwater ecosystem group. The group's main interests are the determination of the ecosystem's resilience mechanisms (biophysical) that keep them functioning, as well as their biodiversity (services), and how these are modified when faced with natural or anthropogenic disturbances.

Edurne is about to start her PhD focused on the effects of land use changes in the metabolism and food webs in stream ecosystems.
Tamara is finishing her PhD the following year on models of aquatic ecosystem water quality related to stream metabolism.
Alexia’s PhD is about the development and application of statistical models for predicting the distribution of different stream organisms’ populations.
You can check more information about our group in:
Finally, congratulations to Ada and Núria for the project! We’re pleased to be part of it!

Edurne, Tamara and Alexia

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