miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

AGRHYDROM project update

Dear AIL members,

The AGRHYDROM project is getting started!

As you remember, the overall aim of our project is to study the combined effect of agriculture and seasonal hydrology on DOM quantity, composition and bioavailability in streams with marked flow fluctuations over the year such as intermittent streams.

We are really happy to announce that the project has finally gathered 68 young freshwater scientists divided into 20 groups from Spain, Portugal, Germany and Switzerland! We are now finishing the first big task of the project: the selection of study streams. At the end, we will have a total number of 50 streams (25 forested streams + 25 agricultural streams) across the mentioned countries as you can see in the following map.

In the next weeks, all the participant groups will receive the necessary materials for sampling so that the first sampling campaign of the project (base flow phase) can start at the beginning of April. The field work of the project will be completed this year, with the 2nd sampling campaign in summer (contraction phase sampling) and the 3rd one, in autumn (expansion phase sampling).

We are also glad to announce that we will assist to the next SEFS meeting to introduce our AGRHYDROM project on behalf of all the participants. We hope to see you in Olomouc this summer!

Last but not least, we want to thank all the support from the AIL direction board, the participants and all the people who have been interested in the project. We will do big things all together!

Best regards,
Rubén del Campo and Edurne Estévez

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